What you do not know about Dog Sitting


In the United Kingdom alone, the rate of pet ownership is increasing steadfastly. Almost 63% of the entire household of the said country comes with at least one pet. Usually, couples who have a few children would be the one to acquire pets like a dog. They would treat such as their own. As a matter of fact, this also led to the demand for professional dog sitting services and companies on the place. This should not be surprising knowing that in the said 63% of pet ownership, 73 million of that is dogs.

What is so special about a Dog Surgeon?

dog surgeon

A person specialized in Dog surgery? Never heard of a Dog Surgeon before? It seems like a very rare and non-catchy profession, something that probably does not even earn you much money. The first thing to understand here is that a dog surgeon is also a veterinarian but specialized in dog’s surgery. It is just like a human surgeon, who first studies the regular medical science like other doctors but then decides to get a specialization in surgery and maybe in special type of surgery for example, muscles. In a similar fashion, a person first passes vet exams and then registers for specialization in surgery and then can further specialize in dogs’ surgery.